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The background

Alston Construction (formerly known as Panattoni Construction) is a national firm who specializes in building and development. In 2013, the company decided to change their business name and therefore needed a new identity. They also needed a creative way to introduce this name change to their existing clients.

To inform the current partners of the change, a mailer was sent to each client. These mailers included a wood torpedo level that was engraved with the new logo. The levels were placed behind red ribbon (similar to the opening of new building) and clients had to cut the ribbon to reveal the new logo.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Announcement Mailer
Content Creation
Advertising Campaign




Cassidy Herrold - Art Director
Gregg Bauer - Creative Director

Brand Identity Collateral

Print Ads

Branded Pop Up Banners

Print Advertising Campaign

Social Media Content

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